Bible Study Groups

Our small group Bible studies for 2018


Toby and Michelle McIntosh, North Warrnambool 7.30pm
Ben and Lou Johnson, East Warrnambool 7.30pm


Pete and Emily Hunter, South Warrnambool 7:30pm
Dave Benfell at the Diacks, North Warrnambool 7.30pm
Damien and Meg Craig, North Warrnambool 7.30pm


Craig and Lousia Doherty, North Warrnambool 7:30pm
Senior Ladies, Wendy Hayward, at the church 1.30pm


Ladies (with creche), Norma McIvor at the church 10.00am

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” – Jesus

Matthew 18:20